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painting parents' bay window
Saturday was a busy one. After buying some paint supplies on Thurs, I headed over to my parents' house for a Saturday paint project. I had noticed that the exterior of the kitchen bay window was in dire need of a paint job and that some of the wood had become home to a family of bumble bees. The sills had little piles of sawdust, indicating where the damage was, as they dug in, creating holes in the wood.
My first step was to get rid of the bees. I purchased a spray can of hornet-and-wasp killer that shot a longrange, tight spray of about 12 feet. So, I was able to stand back and blast the upper-reach holes, near the roof. Sure enough, in a few minutes, they started staggering out and dropping to the ground. I was surprised at how much activity I saw. This was a big family. The only bad part is that I could not kill the marauding large black-and-yellow bumble bee that was apparently the bread-gatherer. I'm hoping that he/she doesn't rekindle a new nest.
I then filled in the holes with a wood cement/filler.
Next I wiped the wood surface down and scraped the flaky paint off, using a ladder for the higher areas. My preference would have been to wipe the surface down with bleach, but my mother insisted on putting her two-cents in, telling me that the Kilz white paint I would be using would be good enough. She said the bleach would take too long to dry. I told my elderly father I wasn't going to argue with her but that I disagreed. I next masking-taped the edge of the window panes, so that I wouldn't get paint on the glass.
The painting went well, not taking more than an hour. The most cautious time for me was in maneuvering the six-foot ladder so that I didn't break the windows. A short, wide hedge grows about two feet from the house, so I had to work around that.

After letting the paint try, I removed the masking tape and then washed the windows with Windex. The difference was really noticeable when I looked out the windows from inside.

This morning, Sunday, is a rainy day. So, I hope the paint, an acrylic, maintains its integrity for a while and that the panes are still clean. I'll keep an eye on that bee I wasn't able to kill. That part was the big glitch, as it kept flying away.

We celebrated late Saturday afternoon with a pretty good Domino's pizza for dinner. Mom had a glass of white wine as part of her pre-Mother's day day off.

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Congrats on finishing the paint job....we're still working on my gable rained out yesterday.

Hey, Painter Karl, any chance we could hire you for the same job at our house? The peeling paint is driving me nuts. No bees as far as I know. Lazy Trish...

Aren't parents lucky to have sons (and daughters) who can do their paint projects for them? Your parents must be so happy and grateful for a job well done...I was when not too long ago my son and his wife gave my bathroom a nice paint job!

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